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When I start looking at a website, I like to consider the journey the site visitor is taking. This is a vital part of website design which is often overlooked.

We know, and your customers know, that you have a goal for visitors to your website. The key is to make the process from landing point to end goal as simple and painless as possible. The thought of navigating through several pages to reach the goal is senseless and you’re likely to lose potential customers along the way.

Give your site visitor the information they are looking for at the point they land on your site. If you have a special offer, promote it on every page of your site. If you want visitors to sign up to your mailing list or connect with you on social platforms, give them the ability as often as possible (and don’t forget the exit intent popup).

Test your design regularly to make sure it still fits with the needs of your site visitor. If it doesn’t, make the necessary changes. (This is also great for Search Engine Optimization).

Sometimes it’s easier to visualise the Customer Journey if you have a map. There are several tried and tested methods available. Mapping the process will initially help you identify what steps your site visitor needs to take to be able to make a purchase, sign-up to your mailing list, or another goal you may have. Use the map to review the process regularly and try to improve the experience for your potential customers.

Keep these simple points in mind when building your site and don’t be afraid of imperfection. Remember, a website will evolve over time.

Good luck!

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Sarah Mitchell

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